Six Signs You’ve Got Vehicle Suspension Problems

Most people don’t think about their automobile’s suspension until they have a problem. We get that here at Bird Automotive. The suspension is something you take for granted because it’s always there for you helping you navigate your car, truck, utility vehicle, or van. If you don’t maintain your suspension, however, you may end up with one of the six signs of suspension problems below.

Low-Sitting Corner

If you notice that your car is sitting low on one corner, it could be that you have a flat tire, low tire pressure, or a broken suspension spring. If you notice that you hear a clunking sound when you go over bumps, then the low-sitting corner is being caused by the latter. It’s important to get the suspension spring replaced as soon as possible to avoid additional suspension damage.

Momentum Motion

Part of the job of your vehicle suspension is to keep the body upright despite what you’re doing behind the wheel. In other words, it’s the suspension that prevents your vehicle from leaning backward when you accelerate, tilting to the side when you turn a corner, and lunging forward when you stop. If your car is doing this, your suspension needs work.

Oily Shocks

If your shocks have oil on them, they are leaking and need to be replaced. It’s easy to check your shocks yourself if you don’t mind reaching up underneath your vehicle behind the wheels to inspect them. If you’ve noticed any of the other things on this list and your shocks are oily, they definitely need to be replaced.

Pulling to the Side

Your wheel alignment is designed to keep your wheels going straight unless you steer them to the right or left. If your automobile is constantly pulling to the right or left, your wheel alignment is off and needs to be readjusted. This is important not only in terms of vehicle control but also to extend the life of your tires.

Steering Problems

The steering system is part of your vehicle’s suspension and steering problems can include your automobile not responding to your steering commands, a steering wheel that is stiff or too loose, and strange noises every time you steer. It’s important to have these problems checked right away so you don’t lose control of your automobile.

Unusual Bumpiness

Finally, a sign that your shocks and struts need to be replaced is unusual bumpiness when you’re driving. The shocks and struts are designed to absorb the road bumps and if you notice that your car suddenly feels like a bumper car, it’s likely that you need to have suspension work done.

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Photo by johny007pan from Getty Images via Canva Pro