Transmission Problems Will Only Get Worse

We hate to say it here at Bird Automotive, but if you ignore your automatic transmission problems, they will only get worse. It’s important to have any concerns about your transmission looked into right away. This not only allows us to resolve the problem before more damage is caused, but it also helps keep the auto repair bill more affordable. Here are signs that your transmission is having problems.

Burning Odors

If you smell burning odors, it’s important to pull over and cut the engine as soon as possible. Any time your car, truck, or utility vehicle smells hot, you run the risk of your engine overheating or catching on fire. If the burning odors are coming from underneath the automobile, it could be your transmission overheating.

Check Engine Warning

The hot smells may be accompanied by the check engine light. This light turns on when there is a problem in the engine that does not have an associated light. The transmission does not have a dashboard warning light, so the check engine light comes on when the transmission is having problems.

Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaks can also indicate a problem with the transmission, and these leaks need to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid transmission fluid loss. The fluid will leak from underneath your automobile and it will be bright red and translucent.

Gear Problems

Your transmission will also tell you that it is having problems when it shifts gears. You may not be able to get it into gear, or it will slip out of gear. If the transmission is really struggling, it may not shift through the gear cycle, it may shift gears prematurely, or it may wait too long to shift gears. It may also skip gears.

Noises in Neutral

Humming sounds when your vehicle is in neutral is your transmission telling you it’s in trouble. You may also hear sounds indicating there are problems as the transmission shifts gears. These sounds include clunking, grinding, and squealing. Any of these noises indicate a problem.


Finally, your transmission should shift gears smoothly. Your vehicle should not shake or vibrate when the transmission shifts gears. If it does, you may have low transmission fluid or a problem with the internal mechanisms and gears inside of the transmission. Again, the longer you wait to have the problem checked out the more transmission damage your vehicle will incur.

Call Bird Automotive in Oak Grove, MO, today to set up an appointment if you suspect your vehicle is having transmission problems. It doesn’t matter if you drive an automatic or manual transmission. We can service and repair both types.

Photo by Rostisiav_Sedlacek from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro